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Time to get busy!

So not only is the holiday season over but it's a new year and it's time to start thinking about those "around the house projects" that will need to be tackled before the hectic summer season. What are some of those projects? For starters, take a good look at the exterior of your home. Perhaps it's starting to show some wear from harsh winter snow, ice and rain or even the summer sun beating down. Maybe some wood repairs will be in order as well. If the siding material on your home is Hardi-board, you're most likely not going to need anything but a good washing and a fresh paint coat. Unfortunately the same may not be able to be said of your trim if it's a real wood product. Check for rot behind gutters and downspouts, at the bottom of trim boards (especially at the base of corner boards on dormer windows), at joints with long trim runs, as well as window trim and sills.

Now, what about the interior? This is really command central for any family and of course all their wonderful four-legged furry family members. But all that holiday cheer, graduations, baby showers, and any other reasons for joy and celebration can certainly take a toll on interior wall, trim and even ceiling surfaces. Not to mention that maybe you're just plain tired of the same colors of the past 20 years. Interior painting can be one of the best bangs for redecorating dollars without getting into costly structural renovations.

True, we're barely into the new year but it's equally true that year after year I hear folks say "I can't believe the year is half gone... time really flies by"! And that's true for most of us. The point is, don't wait until last minute to gather a list of items you need/want done around the house and let's start marking them off sooner rather than later. Now that's worth celebrating!

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