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Commitment to Quality Performance Ethic

Scope of work for all projects, unless otherwise stated all projects for any GC that has entered into a contract agreement with ACP will include at least one painting foreman to remain on site at all times to manage progress and quality of workmanship for the duration of each project. All work to be performed by experienced, quality painters only. Use only the top-quality products that are specified for each project and supplied by ACP. Other specifics are as follows:


Prep for each project includes:

  • Prime new drywall and trim with appropriate primers.

  • Fill nail holes with wood putty for smooth, even finish. Reset nail heads if necessary or ask GC site-lead to do so if excessive. Do not paint over as is.

  • If, after priming, it is noticed that wood trim has excessive dents or imperfections than is acceptable, bring this situation to the attention of the GC site lead so he can either repair or have ACP repair on a T&M basis. Do not paint over as is.

  • Caulk open joints around trim, windows, and doors.

  • Sand walls, ceilings and trim to achieve smooth to the touch feel.

  • Painting foreman will inform GC site-lead to have drywall point up done by drywall finish contractor after priming and prior to applying 1st topcoat.

Paint for each project includes:

  • Apply 1st topcoat using brush, roller, spray or a combination to all walls, ceilings and trim. If additional point up is required notify the GC site-lead so this work can be done by drywall finish contractor. Once point up is done, painting foreman will inspect point up prior to applying a 2nd topcoat. If more point up is still required, follow the previous steps again. Do not paint as is.

  • Apply a 2nd topcoat using brush, roller, spray or a combination to all walls, ceilings and trim.

Punch list items for each project:

  • Prior to a final Homeowner-GC walkthrough, painting foreman MUST do a walkthrough with GC site-lead to correct as many paint related items as possible. These could include straightening cut in lines between colors, fixing paint runs and holidays, additional hole putty or caulking if joints open up, general cleaning of overspray and/or paint drips and/or splatters from floors, hinges and knobs, cabinets, and windows. Other obvious items not listed may also need attention.

  • After Homeowner-GC walkthrough an official, signed punch list will be provided. Painting foreman will ensure each paint related item will be corrected to satisfaction. Once inspected and approved by GC site-lead all painting requirements related to this project will be fulfilled.

Additional charges for each project:

  • ANY ITEM that painting foreman is asked to perform by GC site lead or anyone working for GC that he feels is not included in ACP’s painting scope of work MUST notify ACP as soon as possible and PRIOR to performing additional work so that an additional cost quote can be provide to GC and approved beforehand. 

Daily cleanup for each project:

  • At the end of each day, a walkthrough interior and walk around exterior MUST be done to pick up cans, bottles, and any trash left by ACP to keep job site as clean and presentable as possible.

  • Full or partially full paint cans will be kept neat and orderly in an acceptable stagging area. Empty cans will be disposed on each day as used. 

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