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Is it too cold for exterior painting?

Truly, that's a day to day question and the answer may be different from day to day. However, even in the months of December through February we often have weather

conditions that allow for 1-2 weeks of good, consistent exterior painting conditions. Generally the best painting temperatures range from 50 to 75 degrees with humidity in the 50% range. It's really not unusual to get weather conditions like that in the Triangle area for a string of several days or long enough to get a quality exterior paint job. Add to that the fact that most top quality 100% acrylic exterior house paints can be used in temps as low as 35 degrees and that expands working days and hours even more. Though it's not fun trying to cut straight paint lines in temps that cold, still, it's good for a final punch list of touch up items. Another benefit to consider exterior painting this time of year is cost. Materials won't really be a factor but labor costs can be. This is generally the slowest season for painting contractors so slightly better deals is possible for a contractor in need of work for his crew without sacrificing quality workmanship. So, If you're interested, give us a call.

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